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Sep 22, 2010 8:00pm PDT
? >> this is the building which fronts on pennsylvania, and this is further down 19th at 1120 19th. this is the building that was constructed post 1975 variance. commissioner peterson: and recently, a couple of years ago, the fourth floor was added? >> that's right. in 2007-2008, there was a request for a fourth floor. the department recommended several cut-backs in terms of side setbacks. the commission chose a different alternative, and that is the project that is built today. >> i am none clear. can i point back to that picture? >> yes. >> the back lot, is that the how with the roof, with the flue or whatever that is? >> that is correct. >> so it is completely different? >> and that is the old -- that is 1900-ish or so? >> yes. the older building is at the rear. >> can you repeat what you said about the con do lottery? >> yes, there is an alternative available to them through the department of public works in the condominium conversion process. you are allowed to convert up to seven units in the lottery process. there is a lottery bypass for two units that are owner-occupied. >> i didn't hear that, o
Sep 24, 2010 2:30am PDT
at 1120 19th street also known as 398 pennsylvania street. this is the nile of a lot area, rear yard and on street parking variance. no construction of any type is deposed. this on the administrator will get the appellants. -- no construction of any type is proposed. >> we want to make sure that you understand that the seven and three minutes allotted are the times during which they can speak. you'll need to speak if he wished to during the time allotted to the party and not during public comment. >> the item before you is the denial of the variance request. the item was heard on march 24th, 2010. these are for a lot areas, rear yards, and of st. parking. the subjects property is a 25 by 100 foot lot. the proposal would subdivide this into two lots, one on pennsylvania, 398 pennsylvania. this would be located at 1120 19th street and the approximately 863 square feet. the minimum size for this property is 1750 square feet. they require a rear yard variants. the development pattern of the property has a structure at the rear trawling and a dwelling at the front that does not have the c
Sep 6, 2010 7:00pm EDT
he help democrats rebound over the next 57 days or is he part of the problem? pennsylvania governor ed rendell has been pushing the white house for months to spend more on roads and bridges. also here with us tonight, national political correspondent jessica yellin, and our senior congressional correspondent dana bash. governor, i want to start with you. you have been pushing the president for a long time saying this is the way to create jobs immediately. he announced this plan today but they don't have the votes in congress to pass it. so this is more symbolism, more in your face than real job creation, isn't it in. >> i'm not sure, john, that the votes aren't there to pass infrastructure. senator inhofe and barbara boxer tried to triple the amount of spending in the original stimulus. infrastructure sort of goes across party lines. do i expect anything is going to get done in the fwhoex months? no, because the republicans don't want the economy to improve. that's a fact, and you could debate that as long as you want but it's a fact. they don't want to do anything that will make th
Sep 11, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, and pennsylvania. near ground zero, family members read each name of loved ones lost. >> my father. >> the public ceremony included personal and emotional tributes. family members, firefighters, and first responders walked down into the ground zero construction site carrying photographs and laying flowers on the reflecting pool. president obama spoke about the recent mosque controversies and emphasized the need to return to unity. >> the highest honor we can pay those we lost, indeed our greatest weapon in this ongoing war, is to do what our adversaries fear the most. stay true to who we are as americans. renew our sense as common purpose. say that we define the character of our country. >> in pennsylvania, michelle obama and laura bush paid tribute to the crew and passengers aboard flight 93. twin beams lighting up the new york skyline and symbolizing with the twin towers once stood. ceremonies and memorials that serve as reminders that the nation is still warning and healing from the losses of that day. >> with today being the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the 10th anniversary will mea
Sep 11, 2010 11:00pm EDT
and wore ribbons in a show of solidarity. >>> in shanksville, pennsylvania, the first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush met profitly with families of the victims and spoke to a crowd of 1,000 people in pennsylvania. >> to this they, they remind us not how they gave their lives but how they lived their lives, that being a hero is not just a matter of fate. it's a matter of choice. >> the crash site will be a permanent memorial for all 40 victims on board the plane. >>> even though pastor jones did not go through with the controversial plan to burn a coran, a local group toured a stunt and in front of the white house. as john henrehan reports the demonstration was so small that man tourists missed it. >> reporter: among the hundreds of tourists visiting in front the white house on a saturday morning, a small group of protestors assembled. four people carrying signs. andrew beauchamp carrying the paperback copy of the islamic holy book the q'uran and veteran antiabortion protestor randall terry. the group believes that parts of the q'uran are hateful and dangerous to non-m
Sep 16, 2010 5:30pm PDT
's a sign of our times that the state of pennsylvania has its own office of homeland security, and the governor of pennsylvania is reacting with shock and anger that they have been found to be tracking legitimate protest groups that pose no danger to public safety. our justice correspondent pete williams is in philadelphia tonight. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, this has turned out to be a big embarrassment for pennsylvania, and some of those groups targeted for intelligence gathering by the state are already talking about suing. keep an eye out warns a pennsylvania state intelligence bulletin, for the screening of a movie critical ofatural gas drilling. >> the neurological effects are very insidious. >> reporter: the showing of the movie "gas land" was among events on a list called dates of interest in an official intelligence bulletin from the pennsylvania office of homeland security sent to local law enforcement statewide. but the discovery that the state was keeping tabs on a long list of peaceful groups stunned pennsylvania's governor, who ordered an immediate st
Sep 8, 2010 11:00pm EDT
time. >> on the campus of the university of pennsylvania today, the democratic national committee held this event to promote their nationwide campaign efforts. we will hear from pennsylvania gov. ed rendell and dnc chairman tim kaine. they are introduced by they had of a group of democrats. -- by the head of a group of democrats. >> i am president of democrats here at the university of pennsylvania. we are honored at tim kaine and governor ed rendell and other leaders here on campus today. we're kicking off the home stretch of the 2010 election. [applause] pennsylvania is a battleground state with a key senate race and gubernatorial rise and several competitive congressional races. you'll hear from governor tim kaine in a few minutes, but first i welcome rev. bakker from morris brown ama church for the invitation -- for the indication. >> good afternoon, everyone. good afternoon. let us pray. oh god, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, you have been sheltered for us in lights stormy blast and we thank you that you prepare for us a eternal home. from everlasting to everla
Sep 11, 2010 8:00am EDT
, pennsylvania, where a plane went down after the heroes of this day kept that plane from making it to its intended target. we wl be checking in at al three of theselacesre as we remember what happened on this day nine years ao when nearly 3,000 people re killed in the attacks of september 11th. but good morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmesth coming to you this morning from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia. it's 8:00 a.m. where i sit heree this morning. we have ceremonies going to be taking place starting in about 40 minutes new york. we will take you back to ground zero. first, an update on a story that has captured this country's and the world's attention over the past several days, the issue o the proposed koran burning in florida. a pastor there, terry jones, you know his name by now, i just want to give you this update that, in fact, he has minutes ago coming out and saying in a live interview on nbc that there will be no koran burning. he didn't just say it has been suspended, he said it has been canceled. he said he won't do it now. he won't do itever. he said it will not happen.
Sep 11, 2010 9:30am EDT
nation's history. the attacks on the world trade center, flight 93 over shanksville, pennsylvania, and the pentagon, steps from where we stand today, claimed thousands of innocentev victims and forever scarred their family and friends and all americans. today we honor and remember those who fell, surrounded by those who love them and still feel the pain of that loss reme ways large and small. yesterday is the chairman just mentioned we had the officia presentation of the pentagon 9/11 quilt featuring the f faces of all 184 of those who died onhese grounds. we're grateful for the work and dedication of all the volunteers that brought that moving project into reality. and just west of here a portion of washington boulevard is being em amed 9/11 heroes memorial highway to remind those passing by what happened here on that day. today we also reflect on what thorose attacks meant for an entire generation of young americans whonswered the call to serve. since then thousands have made the ultimat sacri,cefice and their absence, too, is felt today and every day. our troops and their fami
Sep 22, 2010 6:00pm EDT
this evening. we haven't seen a lot here in maryland, there's been more in pennsylvania but we could see a few storms tonight. hey, as we close up summer 2010 at 11:00 tonight the hours leading up to that at 10:00, we got all counties in yellow under a severe thunderstorm watch that may come down earlier, we'll see what the weather service decides to say. we have severe thunderstorm thunderstorm warnings up for parts of pennsylvania and counties shaded in red. let's get into it with maryland's most powerful radar. you can see the storm that moved through northern harford county, cecil, basically fizzling out to rain shower activity. coming out wider, another storm of interesting beginning to form in carroll county. you can see basically we're expecting this to continue to move east -- west to east, rather and probably comes over i-83 in areas toward park ton in about 28 minutes or so and as we continue to go forward fit continues to pack ilts -- pack its same strength, jarrettsville could see in about 28 minutes. i think we have a couple more hours of clear weather at least in the downtown are
Sep 16, 2010 2:00am EDT
paul joins us live. >>> and later, why pennsylvania's governor is so embarrassed. it comes down to this question, how would you feel if you found out government was spying on you, reporting you to local police as a potential threat just because you were taking part in a peaceful protest? it happened in pennsylvania. you won't believe some of the groups that got targeted. environmentalists, gays, lesbians, even animal lovers. we'll tell you where it happened and how taxpayers got stuck with the bill. >>> a lot to cover tonight but we begin, as always, with "keeping them honest" with an event that didn't have to happen. the huge explosion in san bruno, california, that's incinerated a neighborhood and killed at least four people. we've got new evidence tonight suggesting that this nightmare might have been preventible. the lives lost, the homes destroyed, the explosion and fireball so intense that first responders initially thought a jetliner had crashed. >> we've got multiple houses. we're trying to get close. we have extreme heat. we have possibly several blocks on fire at this
FOX News
Sep 11, 2010 10:00am EDT
, pennsylvania, a moment of silence recognized by the presidentnd first lady and the former first lady when flight 93 crashed there. many moments of silence and a momentous day and momentous recognition of a time many of us have now seen blurred, but on these anniversaries are somehow sharply put into perspective. lower manhattan not only the financial capital of the world, but as i said ihe outset grown to include much of the new jersey metropolis around it and of course where i speak from right now and that is in jersey city in new york harbor and the bustling city next to me that now has so many of the premier brokerage giants that were battered then and then coming back here now and as i said then, they're kind of hedging their bets by establishing very large offices and the tallest new jersey skyscraper, the goldman sachs building in new york city and former goveor george pataki joining me, a very packed schedule because of everything going on here. good to have you. >> thank you, neil, good morning. >> you know, governor, as we take a look at this jersey city and what'sappening here i
Sep 11, 2010 8:00pm EDT
/11 attacks, we will show you a pentagon remembered ceremony. also in the pennsylvania, a flight 93 memorial with first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush. following that, aviation officials and pilots recount their experiences during the terrorist attacks. president obama and defense secretary robert gates spoke at the ceremony at the pentagon today. they are joined by joint chiefs of staff chairman mike mullen. the president asked americans to honor the fallen by keeping alive americas shared virtues and values. from the pentagon, this is 35 minutes. >> the national anthem of the united states. nd playing "star-spangled banner"] >> ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen. >> mr. president, secretary gates, distinguished guests, most of all families and friends of those we lost on 9/11, inside the pentagon, near the chapel, lies a quilt on display. it was stitched together by dozens of americans who simply wanted those of us who survived the attack on his building to note that day, our fellow citizens, would always remember thos
Sep 11, 2010 5:30pm PDT
of the september 11th attacks. there were services at ground zero, the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. as michelle franzen reports, despite recent political and religious controversies, the focus today remained on the victims. >> reporter: on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, families and survivors gathered as they have every year in new york, virginia and pennsylvania to honor the 2,752 victims who died. near ground zero, family members read each name of loved ones lost. >> my father. >> reporter: and at times, the public ceremony included personal and emotional tributes. >> we love you and life has not been the same. >> reporter: family members, firefighters and first responders also walked down into the ground zero construction site, carrying photos and laying flowers in the reflecting pool. the day of reflection and remembrance was not overshadowed by the recent controversy over a proposed islamic center near ground zero or threats by a florida pastor to burn copies of the koran if the center was not moved. on the "today" show, pastor terry jones vowed he would
Sep 24, 2010 3:00am PDT
is angrily king. my house is located at 490 pennsylvania avenue, which is a block away from the two houses that are requesting. i am here to support their appeal and to grant a recommending of the lot split. i support their lot split request, as many of the neighbors do. i don't understand the opposition. i think that most of the -- the few people who are opposing the lot splint are upset because they lost the initial discretionary review hearing several years back. many of those neighbors live in very large homes throughout the neighborhood. throughout the years i have driven by these two properties, and i have always thought they were two separate properties. one is a cottage that faces 19th street and the other faces pennsylvania avenue. they are divided by completely enclosed fences, so they look like they are two properties. they look from all appearances like two separate lots. it wasn't until i was informed that they were t.ism c. properties. i don't think there is a negative impact to the neighborhood with this split. we have tiny cotages on little lots and large modern homes. a lo
Sep 4, 2010 6:30pm EDT
. >> reporter: like many in western pennsylvania, stephanie halwitch watched her once-pristine neighborhood become an industrial site as evidenced by this video she shot. >> you can't live like this. it's so stressful every single day. >> reporter: today, she believes, three natural gas drilling operations bordering her property turned her well water black, forcing her to purchase this tank of fresh water every month. the air uncertain. >> i'm very afraid health-wise for the kids just because of the exposure to the water, and the constant not knowing what we're breathing in outside. >> reporter: the hallowwitch home sits near the center of the marsleis shale an energy rich geological formation stretching from new york to tennessee. in pennsylvania, 60 gas companies hold more than 4500 permits to drill, almost half granted this year alone. >> the development of shale gas in the marsleis and across the country is a very important part of the nation's energy strategy. >> reporter: what's driving the drilling rush here and across the country are advanced in hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracki
Sep 21, 2010 4:30am EDT
pennsylvania, west virginia. it's down into the 40s. frederick, 46 degrees in maryland. manassas, 46. dulles, only 50 degrees. near 50 in prince george's county. near 60 in waington and near the bay. elsewhe, we have temperatures in the 40s in west virginia, much of western maryland and pennsylvania. and on the eastern shore, the low 50s right now awa from the waters. so quite a cool start. but some are saying not so fast. it will be warming up tomorrow. today's high in the upper 70s to near 80. tomorrow, soaring to near 90. a chance a shower. near 90 again on friday. but you'll be turning cooler for the weekend. let's check traffic on this tuesday morning. how is it looking? >> tom, good morning to you. good mornin everyone. off we go. we have a ton of overnight road work. crossing over the 14th street bridge. no early worries there. loks like the same lane configuration of the last several days. capital beltway, inner loop and outer loop as you travel between i-95 and wilson bridge off to a very fine start. joe, eun. >> jerry, tha you. >>> a death investigation under way after a body was
Sep 8, 2010 4:30am EDT
pushing through pennsylvania and west virginia. been a little lightning and thunder in pennsylvania this morning and it's breaking up, though and we need more appreciable rains than this around here but we will take any drops we can get. 77 reagan national. reston this morning you are 71. leesburg 74, manassas 73. the day at a glance, cloudy, mostly cloudy skies, 80ish around 9:00. partly sunny at noon. 5:00 p.m. 88. watch out the winds today out of the west 10 to 20. >>> good morning. hope you are off to a great start. just waking up to a water main break. repairs going on 410 where it meets the bw parkway and losing lanes in both directions so use caution if you are heading this way. we want to take you to 95 southbound in more where we have construction going on. taking away two lanes here at 216. 270 southbound you are doing fine out of frederick making your way to the spur. as we take a live shot here, nice and quiet live shot at 121. 395 all clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and 95 in virginia looking at a one hour commute from fredericksburg to the mixing bowl.
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm PDT
, nevada, ohio and pennsylvania as campaigning heads into the final eight-week stretch. special correspondent in pakistan details the health and safety dangers facing nearly eight million children in the aftermath of the flood disaster. philanthropy expert s assess the response to pakistani flood relief efforts and wrapping up our series on iraq, fred de sam lazaro reports on the day-to-day difficulties facing iraqis who fled their homeland. >> reporter: seven years after the fall of saddam hussein, perhaps two million iraqis remain refugees in neighboring countries, especially syria and here in jordan. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: this is the engine that connects abundant grain from the american heartland to aaron's best selling whole wheat while keeping 60 billion pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere every year. bnsf, theen engine that connects us. >> chevron. this is the power of human energy. >> intel. sponsors of tomorrow. >> and by the
Sep 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
take the umbrella, especially if you are watching near the pennsylvania borer. beer chance of showers than south of town. over the maps an we will talk about the map. clear to partly cloudy out there. upper 50s to 60s this morning. by 9:00 we are pushing the 70- degree mark. lunchtime, 80 in camp springs and easton. look up north an west. hague herstown, cumberland, clouds are building an you have a chance of showers this afternoon. you will be near 80 in hagerstown. 85 afternoon spring and 87 in pax river. angie, over to you. >> keeping an eye on a couple of things you ought to know about. let's start with the main break at new hampshire avenue between shaw and thomas. drivers this way are losing one lane. moving outside. showing you connecticut and bradley boulevard. no complaints out here obviously. lanes are wide open. 355 and shady grove road, the same situation looks like drivers, the few we are seeing out there, they are moving at speed. it is ten minutes after the 6:00 hour. hope you are off to a great thursday. we'll be right >>> flames broke out at a complex in northwest hou
Sep 11, 2010 6:15pm EDT
district since 1985. of partsrict is made uppe of northeastern pennsylvania. it has voted consistently democratically. it voted for obama by 11 points. george bush won the district but only four points. he did not do as well as obama. -- the senator when the district by only four points. he did not do as well as obama. that is what republicans think they can take the district. -- why republicans think they can take the district. doing a great job. we need someone like you. >> the challenger has been the hazleton mayor since 1999. his family owned a well known amusement park down there. he is very popular in some cities. hazleton is a very small part of the district. they are at the forefront of local municipalities trying to impose illegal immigration rules. they want to penalize landlords to rent to a legal immigrants. he has come out as a proponent of dealing with illegal immigration. he has come out as one of the republicans young guns, which means that they will target him with money in the fall. the reason they are is because he has shown that he -- he came close to beating his op
Sep 11, 2010 10:00am EDT
years governor i didn't know what a profound effect it would have on us. >> the pennsylvania legislature could not agree unanimously that today is saturday. [laughter] when flight 93 crossed into pennsylvania, the fight to defend and protect our country was already underway. it was a fight that would be one at great cost. the cost of 40 wonderful lives. from the moment that the plane hit the ground, the names of these pennsylvania and became indelibly etched into the history of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. along with benjamin franklin, who committed treason and risked his life to give birth to this new nation. all along with general george marshall of uniontown, who helped to lead the allied war effort in world war ii, and his secretary of state help to rebuild our allies throughout the world. general george mcclellan and general george meade, who had gettysburg led the army of the republic in the most vital battle that kept this nation as one. daniel views, of williamsport, who led the effort to speed the slaves to the underground were a way to freedom. daniel boone, the great fron
Sep 11, 2010 11:00am EDT
obama, and the former first lady, laura bush, were both attending a service in shanksville, pennsylvania. that is where onelane wentfl down, united flight 93. our sandra endo is therfor us.he hello to you. >> reporter: well, t.j., the memorial service for flight 93 just finished up here and one by one, the names of the 40 victims on board were read and a bell tolled for each and each of their memories. as you mentioned, former first lady, laura bush, spoke to this crowd here, as well as first lady, michelle obama. she talked about how future generations will come here to see the scar in the land healed and the memory of those 40 heroes remembered for their actionin the sky nine years ago today. nine years ago, there was no sponse from united flight 93. then, this ominous threat from a hijack. >> ladies and gentlemen, here's the captain. please sit down. keep -- >> reporter: now, an american flag flies in the breeze standing strong in a bail of hey, marking the crash se twhere passengers on flight 93 fought for their lives, for the country, for freedom overcoming the terrorists on board.
Sep 11, 2010 7:00pm EDT
/11. nine years later at ground zero in new york, at the pentagon and atie a quiet field in pennsylvania, solemn ceremonies marked the day hijackers took control of four airlines and took aim at america'sd politic and financial capitals. the nation has changed in so many ways. some changes obvious and others, more subtle. today's speakers reminded all of us of what hadn't changed and what will never change. america's commitment to freedom and its founding ideals. it started in new york with a gathering of loved ones moments of o silence, words of comfort d hope and the readings of the names of those lost in the world trade center towers. the site.han 2700 people died at we would come to know as "ground zero." vice president joe biden took part today and turned -- he turned to poetry to pu the day in perspective. >> we come not to mourn, but to remember and rebuild. in the words of henry wadsworth long fellow, the poem "the builders." all are architects of fate, working in these walls of time, some with massive deeds and great, some with ornaments of rhyme. nothing useless is or low, eac
FOX News
Sep 21, 2010 6:00pm EDT
show solid support in key states if for tea party in both ohio and pennsylvania 45% either strongly support or somewhat support the tea party. but the democratic governor see tea party supporters as extremists who could steer voters away from republicans and in a memo they say the rapid insistence of -- >> in washington, steve centanni, fox news. >> bret: harry reid today -- [ inaudible ] fundraiser in new york. gillibrand. highest ranking member of congress in the poll. >> one of the tea party's highest profile candidates is of course delaware's christine o'donnell. tonight, a look at her democratic opponent. chief political correspondent carl cameron sheds some light on chris coons. >> there are more of us than there are of them. >> reporter: while republican christine o'donnell has become nationally known, few heard anything about her democratic opponent for the delaware senate seat once held by joe biden. 47-year-old chris coons is the county executive of newcastle county, the most populous area. he bounced the budget but did so by laying off workers and raising taxes. first 5,
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm EDT
of pennsylvania, the democrat on the hard right is joe sestak. he'll join us soon to talk about his come from behind fight against pat toomey. >>> plus, should president obama have done anything differently to stop the disaster. no federal federal, no wall street reform. finally, wait until you see arizona governor jan brewer's excruciating 13 seconds of brain freeze in last night's debate. that's in the side show. let's start with whether president obama could have done anything differently to avoid a midterm election disaster. politics daily's david corn and micha michael sheerer writes for "time" magazine. michael, i'm going right to you. trust in the government dropping about 20%. yet, obama offered government as the primary solution to most of the nation woes, calling for new investments on health care. they say repeatedly telling pollsters that have helped the economy, if he had been at nothing, a numb nut, done nothing, been a jerry ford, just carried on and done nothing, would he be better off than being the active progress he's been? that's the biggest complaint. >> that's one. the b
Sep 11, 2010 8:00am EDT
. welcome to msnbc saturday. the crowds are gathering right now in new york, washington and pennsylvania to mark nine years since the september 11th attacks. special services will take place at those three sites where hijacked planes crashed. along with this year's events there's also controversy. ns's michelle franzen is live in new york city. good saturday morning to you. let's get a scene setter this morning. what's it like? >> reporter: certainly families are beginning to gather at zuccotti park, adjacent park near ground zero, much of a construction site and has been in the previous years and remains so. we can give you an overview of that shot this morning, but certainly as you mentioned, emotions surrounding the 9/11 anniversary are certainly always heightened. but with the political and religious coddntroversies, it's only adding to the tensions. still, the nation is taking time toause and remember the lives lost on that day. despite a heated debate over a proposed mosque and controversial islamic center near ground zero and plans of one pastor to burn copies of the koran today,
Sep 22, 2010 5:00pm EDT
across south central pennsylvania and it is quite strong. a warning has been issued for the extreme parts of carol and baltimore counties. it is right along the pennsylvania line. it is giving east at 41 miles an hour, racing along the border, tracking to the east over the next hour or so. additional storms could get in later this evening. we will keep a very close eye and give you the latest in a couple of minutes. >> you can be prepared for storms and track storms where you live. >> our other big story tonight is a string of robberies at mondawmin mall has patrons of and vendors on edge. >> we have more live on the scene with a police are trying to do to cast the suspects. >> police say this is part of a pattern of armed robberies not just here at mondawmin mall, the arkansas turned that several stores have been robbed this summer and they're making progress on finding the suspect. >> these are not cat robbers, this is not something you would see in a james bond baby. this is street level. >> police are investigating a series of robberies in west baltimore, six in june with the mo
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm EDT
? look at where things stand as we head into the labor day weekend. my home state of pennsylvania, the democrat running against the hard right is joe sestak. he'll join us soon tonight to talk about his come from behind fight against pat toomey. should president obama have done anything differently to avert a oh tension november disaster? would we have been better off had there been no stimulus spendi spending, no health care reform bill, no wall street reform? we'll debate that point. a new poll shows illegal immigration has dropped off. is it still a killer issue for the republicans? wait till you see arizona governor jan brewer's excruciating 13 seconds of brain freeze in last night's debate in the sideshow. >>> let's start with whether the president could have done anything differently to avoid a med term election disaster. david corn from mother jones and michael sheer writes for "time" magazine. michael, right to you on this. i want to quote you. in 2008, trust in the federal government was at a historic low dropping about 25%. yet, obama has offered government as the primar
Sep 9, 2010 6:00pm EDT
attention and listen carefully to how governor ed rendell of pennsylvania has been hammering the republicans. he just said we can't turn our country over to the "froot loops and crazies." i kind of love that kind of talk. he'll bring the straight talk here in the bottom of the hour. >>> and glenn beck and sarah palin are restoring dishonor in my opinion to psychoduo are taking their circus to alaska. palin said there's no better way to commemorate 9/11 anniversary than to be paid for it? it's disgusting. that's coming up. >>> this is the story obviously that has me fired up tonight. it's all about this crazy pastor in florida. pastor terri jones just announced he will cancel his koran burning event. he says he made the decision because the imam associated with the controversial plan to build the islamic center here in new york near ground zero will move the mosque. >> the american people do not want the mosque there. and, of course, muslims do not want us to burn the koran. the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. and on saturday, i will be flyi
Sep 22, 2010 11:00pm EDT
strategy with ed rendell, the governor of pennsylvania, here is rachel maddow. >> good evening, keith. thanks very much for that. and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. there is so much going on in politics right now that the staff of this show produced roughly 2 1/2 complete shows over the course of the day today in an effort to try to cover it all. what has actually made the cut for this hour is, one, an update on don't ask, don't tell. the next step toward ending the military's gay ban could happen as soon as tomorrow. we will explain. number two, the republican party is releasing its election year agenda tomorrow. that agenda leaked tonight. so we have seen it. the headline is that it totally avoids the blockbuster change-the-country policy idea that all of its high-profile candidates are actually running on this year. and number three, new reporting on "c" street. if you have been wondering what that quasi-religious super-shadowy having affairs on their wives while thumping their bibles bunch has been up to recently, there is an answer to that question.
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